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What President Trump really said about Charlottesville:

From American Thinker

October 7, 2020

Defending Trump from a Tornado of Liberal Lies

By Janice Shaw Crouse

The fog of lies clouding the current political climate has all but completely hidden the truth.  Let’s clear some things up so the American public can see what’s going on.  Here are just a few of the major lies and the issues that have been wildly distorted.  

Lie #1:”Trump is a liar”: Rolling Stone claims that Trump is a “Hall of Fame” liar.  Other leftists call him a “pathological liar.”  CNN says the “defining characteristic” of the Trump presidency is the “bombardment of lies.”  You can even buy T-shirts with that logo.  The internet is full of references to the Washington Post’s claim that President Trump has made more than 20,000 false claims, averaging 23 lies a day.  A close look reveals that any generalized statement, any opinion some snowflake finds “hurtful,” any rounded-off number, and anything the left disagrees with is ipso facto judged by these supposed fact-checkers to be a lie.  Note that these “lies” include general statements like Trump saying he has “tremendous support” from blacks; the Washington Post deems this a lie because no poll had been taken to prove it.

When Trump said he was “ready to send the National Guard to Minneapolis and Seattle if local officials requested it,” some local officials said he was lying.  Trump claimed that Obama and Biden “spied” on his campaign and they “knew what was going on.”  This is repeatedly declared a vicious lie even though evidence has come to light showing that actually happened and that top officials knew it — including Número Uno himself!

Unlike his predecessor, whom the press idolized, the current president’s opinions and evaluations are considered lies — for instance when he claims something is “disgraceful” and the fact-checkers’ subjective evaluation differs, it’s deemed a lie.  If the president rounds off a number into an approximation instead of giving the specific number, it’s considered a lie.  In fact, under the gotcha standards the media apply to Trump’s comments, all public figures lie constantly.  I’d go so far as to dare a fact-checker to examine any politician’s rhetoric by that standard and find fewer such “lies.”

Perhaps the most succinct summary of all this sturm und drang about Trump was laid out by Salena Zito, who presciently asserted before the 2016 election that “the press takes him literally, but not seriously; his supporters take him seriously, but not literally.”

Election results/Election integrity”: The Democrats are stirring up crowds by conjuring up dark images of Trump of being unwilling to leave the White House if he is defeated.  They vividly describe having to bring in troops to physically remove him.  Such accusations continue even though Trump has said repeatedly he will accept the results of a fair election.  That is a completely relevant caveat when there is abundant evidence that leftist groups are prepared to prevent his re-election by fair means or foul!  Leading Democrats have openly said they cannot allow Trump to win.  Hillary Clinton has gone so far as to publicly urge Joe Biden not to concede “under any circumstances.”

The incessant drumbeat about Trump not accepting the results is really infantile projection.  Which party, for the first time in history, refused to accept the results of the 2016 election?  Which party has spent four years wailing from every rooftop that Hillary actually won the election and undermining or attacking the duly elected president at every opportunity?  Which party is pushing hard to eliminate the Electoral College so the country will be ruled by New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco?

Before the impeachment proceedings in the House, the GOP argued that the American voters should decide Trump’s fate at the ballot box in 2020.  The Democrat Party, led by Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House and third in line for the presidency, called that “dangerous” and didn’t want to take that chance.  Since the impeachment failed in the Senate, the left has pushed for changes in the voting system that favors mail-in ballots and early voting — both measures that dilute bipartisan supervision of voting locations and threaten the integrity of the voting process.  There are already numerous reports of households getting ballots addressed to previous occupants and deceased relatives and multiple ballots for the same person.  There are also accounts of boxes of ballots being found in roadside ditches.

Michael Bloomberg, a Democrat billionaire, is giving $17 million to pay the fines and legal fees required to restore the voting franchise for 32,000 black and Hispanic felons (by the way, whites not considered smacks of racism to me) in Florida, a must-win state for Trump.  After having spent a billion dollars on a failed attempt to win the democratic nomination, Bloomberg has, ironically, already pledged $100 million to help Biden win Florida.

Lie #2: Riots and looting/White supremacy: The media’s whitewashing of the riots is mind-boggling.  The words we use are important in accurately conveying a message; using words to sugarcoat reality is wrong.  The left is using the phrase “peaceful protests” to describe burning down cities and bludgeoning business-owners who guard their stores from the looters.  Commentators are earnestly lamenting the deprivations of poverty that supposedly are driving the poor to steal in order to be able to eat; actually, the visuals show footage of those stealing luxury items — everything from elite athletes’ signature sneakers to big screen TVs — and partiers who are just grabbing whatever — frequently alcohol — for the bragging rights.

Then there are the serious analysts who are using the riots as a pretext to attack Trump.  And for what?  Blaming him for the failures of Democrat mayors and governors to maintain order because…Trump’s supposed hate-filled racist rhetoric caused the riots.  The rioters are obviously left-wingers, out-of-work students intoxicated by Marxist rhetoric and bored inner-city kids being manipulated in anarchy by Antifa.

All the talk about “white supremacy” groups is a smokescreen and an insult to the viewers who can see what is actually happening despite all of the gaslighting about “mostly peaceful protests.”  All those internet scare posts about after-election rioting if Trump wins stem from the same groups.  Ironically, nobody is seriously worried about Trump-supporters rioting.

Reporters have been — literally — harassing the president to deny that he supports “white supremacy.”  Press secretary Kayleigh McEnany recently embarrassed them by going through a litany of press interviews where the president clearly and unequivocally condemned white supremacists and white supremacist groups.  Yet a Google search of “President White Supremacy” yields page after page of supposed “evidence.”  Click here to read some of the proof that Trump has, for years, denounced white supremacy without equivocation.

Lie #3- “Trump was a bully in Debate One”: In terms of policy points, the public agrees that Trump won Presidential Debate One, but many voters were disgusted by the “bullying” and raucous “tone” of the debates.  Many blame Trump; not surprisingly, Chris Wallace, the supposedly objective and gentlemanly moderator, blames Trump.

But any clear-eyed viewer could see that the moderator quickly lost control of the debate as Wallace was setting up traps for the president by the slant of his questions.  Trump got the first question with two minutes to answer.  During those first two minutes, Biden interrupted, and Wallace did not call him on it.  Things went downhill from there.  Trump will not attack first, but if someone falsely accuses him, he definitely fights back.

The inestimable Victor Davis Hanson described Wallace’s questions as “asymmetrical” and “prove you are not guilty” questioning with a “gotcha” technique.  Any way you cut it, those are outright attacks and only toward one of the candidates: Trump.

Numerous professional observers described the debate as Trump facing two opponents.  It quickly became obvious that questions were being phrased to put Trump on the defensive and Biden in a positive light.  Trump was pressed on controversial issues, while Wallace tossed Biden softballs; Biden’s numerous controversies were ignored.  There were no questions about Biden’s racial blunders, his condescending rudeness to elderly town hall questioners, or the financial benefits attained during Biden’s vice presidency by his son and other relatives.  More importantly, there were no questions about the recent revelation showing Obama and Biden’s knowledge of the Russian hoax designed to destroy Trump’s presidency.  Those questions are far more important than Trump becoming aggressive over the constant attacks from both the moderator and his opponent.

Lie #4: Christians cannot support Trump’s immorality: Throughout his presidency, the left and the NeverTrump conservatives have loudly rehearsed a litany of Trump’s sins.  The hatred toward him supposedly because of those sins and the virtue-signaling and judgmental attitudes are a curious thing to observe coming from the mouths of those who for years have lectured the nation that all truth and moral values are subjective and relative and that the one and only mortal sin is to be judgmental.

The country has been divided into two camps — those who support Trump and those who hate him with a passion so intense that it requires them to also hate anyone who dares to support the president.  There is special hatred toward Christians who — whatever their reason — support Trump because according to these newly righteous ones, Trump voters (whatever their motive for not voting for Hillary or Biden) are tainted by Trump’s “immorality,” “lies,” and unpresidential behavior.  Absolutely nothing Trump does deserves approval.

Consider the following important questions: which is more “moral” or “presidential”?

  • Using a feature of the tax code designed and passed into law by Congress to stimulate business activity — otherwise known as a tax loophole — but still paying millions of dollars in taxes or enabling your son and brother to make millions from peddling influence to foreign sources?
  • Being a bawdy playboy for years before running for president or being a president who has sex with multiple actresses while in the W.H. (Kennedy), using crude language and vulgarity in presidential interviews (Johnson), sex with intern in Oval Office (Clinton), or frequently plagiarizing and lying about your accomplishments (Biden)?
  • Repeatedly denouncing white extremists while reporters ignore your answer and constantly badger you to say it again or avoiding criticism of leftist rioters and staying silent while cities burn, stores are looted, police are attacked, and mobs rule streets?
  • Enacting policies that provide unprecedented opportunities for minorities and including minorities in ceremonial and real leadership positions or, as Victor Davis Hanson put it, “habitually denigrating blacks, with [Biden’s] riffs like ‘you ain’t black,’ ‘junkie,’ and the Corn Pop yarns”?
  • Say you want fair elections in 2020 and will wait to see whether the elections are conducted fairly before saying you’ll accept the results while stating clearly that if the results are fair, you’ll accept them or fomenting resistance after 2016 to attack and undermine the elected president every possible way, planning a ruse about made-up Russian collusion to stir up public suspicion and division, and involving high-level government officials in an attempted coup against a legitimately elected president?

This will be a very consequential election.  We’ve been told by the left exactly what its radical goals are and its plans to align with the radical, socialist wing of its party.  We must clear the air of the fog of obfuscation and lies.  When we go to cast our ballots in this election, I really like this Twitter reminder: “A vote is not a Valentine.  You aren’t confessing your love for the candidate.  It’s a chess move for the world you want to live in.”

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