Congressman Gaetz


At our southern border, over 381 miles of new wall have been built. The flow of drugs and violence into our country has greatly diminished, and human trafficking has been significantly curtailed.

Every mile of new wall gives our officers more operational control, which translates to stronger border enforcement, and a safer American homeland.

President Trump didn’t commit to building the wall because he hates people on the outside, but because he loves the people inside. While Democrats have changed their views for whatever is politically expedient, President Trump has remained steadfast.


On Thursday, the Trump Administration finalized one of the largest reforms in the history of American healthcare — making medical care prices transparent. In doing so, President Trump has fulfilled yet another promise to the American people.

Under the new rule, health insurance companies will be required to disclose to the public the price they pay for covered services and prescription drugs. Additionally, insurance companies must disclose the estimated cost a patient will have to pay prior to the patient receiving care. 

It has always been hard for patients to know what their care is expected to cost. Thursday’s rule puts Americans back in control of their healthcare options, driving down prices and increasing choice. This is a tremendous victory for all Americans!

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This year, our country has had to face both the health and economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. Lockdowns limited the freedom of our workforce, and many families struggled with layoffs and unemployment. Thankfully, our President is leading the greatest economic recovery in the world.

This quarter, our GDP grew at a 33.1% annualized pace — the largest single quarter of economic growth in American history, and smashing expectations. (The previous post-World War II record was a 16.7% increase in 1950). In just one quarter, we have recovered more than two thirds of the economic output lost this year. America’s economy is well on its way to thriving again.

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